Air-renew Dust collector company establish in 1974 by Mr. Jerry Chang, in accordance to the north and south intercourse transportation, the headquarters set up in middle of Taiwan, since was established, the leadership specialized team devoted to the environmental protection equipment manufacture research and development, for many years has assisted the hundreds of factories, the creation fresh comfortable job environment.

Air-renew Dust collector company founders are committed to environmental protection equipment manufacturing research and, the product by the oven whole plant equipment, precision coating equipment(Powder coating / Fluidize coating / Electro static coating), spray-washing equipment, dust collection equipment, clean room design and construction, exhaust equipment, turbine heat ventilators, and all kinds of air blowers, etc.

In accordance to East Asia manufacturing industry to the environment request and the product quality's promotion, company passes through dozens of year endeavor, accumulated the suitable experience and ability, may for the entrepreneur from the design, the charting, construct to following serves, provides the most complete system.

Air-renew Dust collector company to promote air blower's efficiency and energy conservation promotion, in the innate air blower factory, researches and develops unceasingly suits the high efficiency air blower which the different place uses, is equipped with the wind tunnel laboratory, coordinates with the Industrial Technology Research Institute, to promote a series of high performances the air blower, lets the equipment achieve the energy conservation, the environmental protection goal.

The Project actual accomplishments contains Taiwan Straits both banks regional, Southeast Asia various countries, and Japan. Air-renew devotes dozens of years for Taiwan environmental protection equipment manufacture, the research and development, have established the good oral traditions, and establish the pattern of this field.